Buyers are getting savvier as technology makes it easier for them to see all of the properties, price points, and even photos before ever calling a realtor or asking for a showing. As an agent, many of my clients come into my office with print outs of homes they desire to see. If the marketing is done correctly, the price is fair and the photos are professionally taken to capture an audience your home may make this list. Once that happens it is up to how the home shows when potential buyers walk through the door that determines whether or not they will make that offer! Reading these tips below will help you get your luxury home to stand out amongst the competition in the marketplace.

Tips to Sell Luxury Homes Faster

Tips For Getting Your Luxury Home Sold Faster

  • Open Your Home: Selling a home is different from living in one, your home must show as neat and clean as possible. Open up all of your blinds to allow natural light to flow in, make beds, remove clutter and turn on ceiling fans and fireplaces. Take a quick sweep around the front door and back yard, turn on any water features and any other unique features your home has. Creating a warm and welcome feeling to potential buyers is critical.

Tips to Get Your Luxury Home Sold Faster

  • Tidy Up Clutter: The last thing a potential buyer wants to see is your dirty laundry and bill piles. Take a moment to file away important documents and look into a dirty laundry basket that you cannot see through. Store away valuables, prescription medicine, and any personal items. The potential buyer must feel like they are walking into their home versus walking into yours. Take the time to put things away and tidy up before showings.
  • The Sound of Music: If your home has surround sound now is the time to show it off. If not, place a cordless speaker in the kitchen. Have a light playlist, I prefer chill stations/playlists, in the home to capture the essence and set the mood. Shy away from radio stations that have commercials and stick to a playlist that runs on shuffle. Keep the volume on a lower setting so that the agent or showing specialist is able to talk and hear feedback throughout the tour.

Tips to Get Your Home Sold Faster

  • It Smells Like Home: Fresh baked pies and cookies, gently scented candles and even a scent of fresh paint give buyers the feeling the home feels like home. Scented candles should be a light fresh scent nothing strong that a potential buyer might feel overwhelmed by. Basic is best and will activate the olfactory system and create a calm welcome environment for the potential buyer.

Before every showing at my listings, I take the time to prepare the home to show. I ensure each potential buyer that walks through feels like they are walking into their new home! These small preparations make all the difference and help clients make higher offers when it comes time to determine what type of offer they want to submit.

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