We as a nation are stuck at home so you may think listing your home is the worst idea. The truth is now more than ever people are scrolling through home websites like Zillow, Trulia and Redfin. Imagine if you were in the market to purchase a home and you had all day to scroll and find that dream home. Photos, virtual tours, and descriptions would matter to you as you would have the time to go through the details.

Below are four suggestions to help your listing stand out. While many are not out looking at homes in person, buyers who start following your home through photos and tours will make the effort to see your home in person once lockdown bans are lifted.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Listing Stand Out Online

  • Create a Virtual Tour: Virtual tours help potential buyers walk through your home from the comfort of their own homes. You can scroll through and walk through the home just as if you were there. This helps buyers feel the layout, see unique features and get the feeling of living in the home before even stepping foot inside. We have seen buyers buy just off of virtual tours alone. We have seen this tool as a very effective way to reduce foot traffic and bring in qualified buyers who already love your property.

  • Stage Your Home for Photos: Most buyers want to buy the perfect home while out shopping so make sure your home presents itself in its best light. Attention to detail is key in photos as this is the very first impression a buyer has of your home. Fold towels neatly, add some plants, arrange decor in a stylish way, take down personal photos, get rid of clutter and change out lightbulbs for a “brighter” look. Hiring a professional home photographer can increase your exposure by photos alone. Would you add a home to your list that’s photos are taken with a cell phone, cluttered and poorly lit? Probably not so make sure your agent has a team that can bring your home to life with staging, tours and photos.

Tips to Get Your Home Sold Faster

  • Create a Lifestyle Mini-Movie: A short film of your home being lived in can showcase the lifestyle your home offers. Kids playing around in the large backyard, baking cookies and a turkey in your double ovens, entertaining in your den and opening the pocket doors. These movies build an emotional connection to the home and can make the potential viewer a buyer in just a few moments. These movies are your opportunity to show the unique features of your home and market it to the perfect buyers!

  • Use a Tech Savvy Agent: If you are reading this article you are most likely on your smartphone. Over 3.8 billion people are using social media every single day. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and even TikTok are grounds for buyers finding your home. If your agent is using the old model for listing homes you are missing out on potential buyers. Agents who are growing personal brands, blogging useful information and attracting followers will increase your homes potential online.

Tips to Sell Luxury Homes Faster

Agents are finding that buyers already have lists of homes they want to see before they even step foot into our offices. Buyers are finding these homes on real estate websites and social media. To make sure your home makes this list be sure your agent is up to date with the latest technologies, hires a professional photographer and gets your home staged so it can be marked sold quicker than your competition.

Please check out some examples of our listings that showcase these features:

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