Thinking of listing your home this season? According to Realtor.Com homes listed the first week of April see 14% more views, 5% less competition and sell six days faster. These homes also see nearly a 6% increase in pricing. If this makes you excited and listing your home has been a thought of yours continue reading to learn the 5 must do’s before listing your luxury home in Las Vegas.

Clean and DeClutter

Mentally preparing to move helps you to energetically sell your home. It also creates a clean space for a new owner to envision themselves in your home. I have personally walked through some homes where piles of paper and messy desks have taken away from the potential new buyer’s vision. Take the time, involve your friends and family and get your home clean and clutter free. I also suggest hiring a cleaning crew that does a deep clean of your property, this ensures all those spaces that are typically missed in a traditional clean are dust and dirt free.

Make Small Repairs

That leaky sink, the electronic shade that no longer works and that light bulb you never got around to are all small repairs that make a huge difference when selling your home. When a showing specialist prepares your home for a potential buyer all the lights are turned on, chill music is played from your surround sound and the pocket doors are opened to showcase your property in the best light. When things are not working it takes away from a showing. You will most likely end up fixing these things when you sell so make it a priority before you list to get it done. It could make the difference between someone making a low ball offer and offering asking price.

How to List A Luxury Home

Clean Windows and Doorways

Now is the time to hire the window cleaners and deep cleaners who get in between the lines and focus on the details of your property. Your front door is the first impression and is the first thing a potential buyer will see so to ensure they get a WOW factor clean up any debris from plants, scrub the front stones and steps and throw out that old dusty welcome mat. Clean windows will bring in the natural light and don’t forget to clean those shades of dust and dirt.

Store Away Knick Knacks and Photos

Depersonalizing your space is simple and effective. Remove family photos and funky knick-knacks to create a blank slate for the new potential owner of your home. As much as these things create the home vibe in your personal space they can often be a distraction when the new owner is envisioning the memories they will create within the home.


How to List a Luxury Home

Hire a Team to Seal the Deal
Often times we want to do things ourselves considering the power of “DIY” tutorials online. The truth is the headache of marketing and finding a buyer can be tough when doing it alone. Imagine having a team that not only markets your home to potential buyers but uses tools that have positioned our team at the top of the luxury market. Our tools attract foreign buyers, our site is ranked at the top of Google, we are apart of the sports star relocation magazine. We will also do the negotiation on contracts and take care of you along the way. Make selling your home easy with the LEI team!

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