A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to your home. Before you get your paint brush wet make sure you have tested the colors in different lights and remember the paint you wish to use is only as good as the surface.

Popular colors in 2019 include mixed bolds, pewter, mustard yellows, strong forest greens, and mushroom tones. Warm grey is a timeless neutral color that blends well and is accepting of other colors. Below are three popular paint colors for homes we have listed at Luxury Estates to get you inspired and in the mood to repaint and redesign your home.

3 Popular Paint Combinations for Homes in 2019

Mixed Bolds

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Painting trims a bold color to bring energy into a room that otherwise would have plain walls is popular right now. Areas you may consider adding a pop of color include trims, crown moldings, or even an entire wall. When you decide to do a pop of color make sure that the color change happens on the inside corner of where two walls meet. If painting isn’t your thing, feel free to add these pops of colors with candles, pillows, throws, and art.

Yellow Gold Tones

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Another popular trend in 2019 is a gold deep mustard tone. This color instantly creates rich focal accents and highlights warm tones that may be added throughout the home with furniture and rugs. Consider the flow of your home and the furniture before moving forward. From experience, test several colors in different shades of golden yellow before painting the space. Sometimes the best paint colors can be used to add a pop on trim or moldings.


Pewter Walls

Pewter tones are making a comeback this year. When considering the flow of your home pewter has an alternative to all white walls and can provide an almost blank canvas that is anything but bland. This tone tends to blend well with most any color. You can easily create differentiation through drape colors, rugs, bold furniture, and art.

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Whether you are considering doing a remodel in your home or feel like it’s time for an upgrade one word of advice is to consult with a local realtor to make sure your investment is adding value to your home. Agents like myself are great resources to keep up to date on current trends and whether or not something adds value to your home when it comes time to sell it. Contact me for a complimentary consultation to learn more about upgrades, interior and design.


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